Existing to support families of the missing through resources, awareness, unidentified person case awareness & specific legislative support.

There is a light in this world ...

I dedicate this quote by Mother Teresa to all whose heart, soul and lives give daily to the world of the missing and unidentified persons:

"There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways."  
- Mother Teresa

Maureen Reintjes
Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons


NamUs PSA 2014:

OpieFest 2012 in honor of missing UMKC student, Jesse Ross.  (Photos courtesy of Missouri Missing.)

Find more photos like this on Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons


Media for the Missing are members here on our site.  Please watch their video!

Inside look (video): Letters to Our Missing

Amber - (Original by "Chris Yenney"). "Project Amber" - for the missing.

Posted with permission from Chris Yenney.  Thanks Chris!  (See posted under our Video section too.)






Spread the word.....

Spread the word about Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons!!!!

Watch me!


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Do what is right for you and your missing loved one!

OpieFest 2012 in honor of missing UMKC student, Jesse Ross.  Missing since November 21, 2006 from a mock UN held in Chicago.

Find more photos like this on Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons

This was my theme song while on my search.  I had it posted on my MySpace page and listened to it frequently.






There is a light in this world and you are it ....

Disclaimer: Just to set the record straight there is NO CHARGE on any of the sites for the Help Find the Missing Act - Billy's Law. Not on http://missing.ning.com/ nor on any of the 50 state Facebook sites. This site does have a sign in process but that is just to protect our families on the site from people who start rumors and seek to prey on them. There is no charge to join to join this site. Most Billy's Law info may be found on our main page that is open to the public.  #billyslaw

November 2013:  The Help Find the Missing Act aka Billy's Law is soon to be reintroduced, we need your help now getting Senate and House (Congressmen) Sponsors and Co-Sponsors.  To make this bill totally bipartisan at the moment we need a Republican Senator to sponsor the bill's reintroduction with Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.  This bill sees no political parties, our missing and unidentified persons and their families do not need one political side to support this, we need everyone working together, all parties, all families, all advocates, everyone together will get this made law and help end a very broken system! Help us strengthen NamUs.

For Billy's Law Facebook pages broken down into states with links see: http://missing.ning.com/group/billy-s-law-information/page/state-facebook-pages-promoting-billy-s-law

INFORMATION PACKET for U.S. Senators or Media
Packet-for-Reintroduction-Billys-Law.pdf | PDF

Press Release for Media: PDF



Billy's Law 113th Congress (Current Draft - for reintroduction.)

Click the below link for pdf of draft:


Billy's Law Information Group click here.

To find and contact your US Senators:

To find and contact your House Representatives (Congressmen/women): http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

For template letter: http://missing.ning.com/group/billy-s-law-information/page/template-letter-republican-us-senator-co-sponsorship

We need:

1. Letters written

2. Phone calls made

3. Targeted tweets sent to Senators and Congressmen

4. Emails sent

5. Requests for sponsorship and co-sponsorship left on the Facebook pages of Senators and Congressmen.

6. Media contacted (Media contacts can be found under State Groups.)

7. Testimonials: How has NamUs helped you? Click here to leave testimonials.

8. Send Letter to Editor.  Media links can be found under the Pages section of each state group.  Also compiling list here: http://missing.ning.com/group/billy-s-law-information/page/letters-to-the-editor

The video below is from when Billy's Law was first introduced to the House.  Watching it may help you write your correspondence.

Testimony by Janice Smolinski
Mother of Billy Smolinski
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security
H.R. 3695, the Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law)



 NamUs PSA 2014:


Families of the Missing Bill of Rights - What would you want to see included?



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Declaring a Missing Person Dead when other family does not agree

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YouTube below created for missing Lisa Irwin by Lisa Irwin-Footprints in the Sand.  Features the song "My Prayer" written by Danny Borgers whose own Mom, Ida Richardson, has been missing for over 50 years.



Spread the word about Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons:



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